Navigating Clients Through Global Markets

Colliers International is committed to accelerating our client’s success by making our knowledge your property. We understand that real estate decisions affect your company’s future, and our mission is to help you make the right choices for your business and for the clients you serve. We can help your company navigate its way through all global markets, and into new and emerging markets by virtue of our global reach and experience in understanding your business requirements.

The Colliers CCSG was established to respond to the specialized needs of both the corporate and outsourcing industry, in developing global capacity strategies to serve their customers and clients. Whether your company requires a dedicated facility somewhere in the world to manage a specific client, or an international strategy to manage multiple assignments, we can provide site selection analytics to identify the most profitable and productive locations.

Our team is strategically placed in all active markets including North America, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the African continent. We are constantly being challenged to develop creative solutions to keep our clients ahead of their competition.

Our Mandate:
"To identify the most productive, profitable, locations supporting our clients' global business strategies."
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